American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Toolkit: Virtual High School Counseling Resources:

Having to move school counseling services online during a pandemic or other natural disaster may be both overwhelming and challenging, and the school counseling services offered may vary from school to school and state to state. The positive news is that school counselors have been successfully offering online student support for over a decade in virtual schools across the nation. Below are some resources, lessons, and links gleaned from this experience to share with you as you translate your counseling services online during this unprecedented time. Many of the lessons and links can be offered to students either asynchronously (via email, posted on a website, or delivered through a LMS system) or synchronously (using real-time videoconferencing platforms), depending on your school context and available tech tools.

Social/Emotional Development
Our Teen Brains: Founded by Stanford OHS student Shivek Narang, this organization aims to spread awareness of the developing teenage brain to equip teens with knowledge and skills to help them navigate the many mental and emotional challenges they encounter during this critical time period.